Partners & Vendors

Boukarou Market is an store that enables brick and mortar companies to take advantage of this sales channel that addresses a particular demographic - customers interested in food, spices, apparel and more, from Africa, the Caribbean and other tropical markets. Boukarou Market vets companies whose products it lists on this site in order to maintain a certain level of service and assurance unrivaled customer service.

Boukarou Market has partners and vendors. Partners have an ownership stake in Boukarou Market, whereas Vendors only market products and services through per agreed-upon vendor terms.


Evergreen Tropical Food Mart
2401 Clay Rd,
Austell, GA 30106-1755
Tel: 678-540-3621


Want to become a vendor and sell your products or services through Boukarou Market? Drop us a line or call and we'll be happy to work with you.