About Us

Boukarou Market  is an online marketplace for African & Caribbean food, spices, snacks, drinks, apparel and more. Some of our customers live in cities and towns across the US and Canada that do not have local African and Caribbean stores. Others live in major metropolitan areas that do have local stores, but who prefer the convenience of shopping online and having the goods conveniently delivered to their doorsteps. Whether you live in a small town or a major city, we'll be happy to serve you. Give us a try - place an order today!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Let us know and we'll do our best to find a trust-worthy vendor who can supply that product in our marketplace.

Want to sell your products through Boukarou Market? Drop us a line or call and we'll be happy to work with you. Boukarou Market works with multiple vendors to provide a broad selection of products and ensure competitive prices.

Tel: 770.744.2659
Email: sales@boukarou.com 

Boukarou Market Mailing Address
Boukarou Market LLC
4355 Cobb Pkwy Suite J-138
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